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Banner image for Ford's Park the Car initiative

About Park the Car

Ford is serious about reducing carbon emissions and preserving the planet for future generations and it is taking dramatic steps in order to do so. Ford is targeting carbon neutrality in Europe by 2035, including all of its vehicles, production facilities and supporting logistics.

However, preserving the planet and building a safer, healthier world requires more than electrified vehicles – in fact, sometimes it requires no vehicle at all. This is why Ford launched the Park the Car initiative, to encourage people to make healthy and informed choices about their travel habits, especially over short distances. Walking and cycling can help improve both physical and mental health, as well as ease traffic congestion in built-up areas.

Ford is partnering with a number of organisations, businesses and charities to enable as many people as possible to Park the Car. Ford's partnership with RideLondon highlights its commitment to encouraging car users to choose active travel for shorter journeys – and to its ambitious roll-out of electric vehicles and net zero targets.

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The Road to Better

A parked Ford electric car

The Road to Better is Ford’s strategy to build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. Sustainability is what drives Ford's business today – and it has ambitious plans for tomorrow.

Ford knows that actions speak louder than words, which is why it is working hard to improve every aspect of the company, from using cleaner transportation and manufacturing methods and bettering how materials are sourced and produced, to improving human rights and revitalising communities. Responsible, transparent and sustainable supply chains are essential for a successful switch towards all-electric vehicles.

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The journey to electrification

A woman next to a Ford electric car

Ford is making electric iconic – with no compromises. From the Mustang Mach-E to the E-Transit, Ford is working hard to introduce seven all-new, all-electric vehicles as soon as 2024 in Europe, leading to 100 per cent electrification of its passenger vehicles by 2030 and commercial vehicles by 2035.

Ford’s most recently unveiled electric vehicle is the All-Electric Explorer, which allows drivers to experience dynamic and exciting journeys while keeping sustainability front of mind.