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  • How do I enter the Ford RideLondon-Essex 100?

    General entries for the 2024 Ford RideLondon-Essex 100 have now closed.

  • How do I enter the Ford RideLondon-Essex 60?

    General entries for the 2024 Ford RideLondon-Essex 60 have now closed.

  • How do I enter the Ford RideLondon-Essex 30?

    General entries for the 2024 Ford RideLondon-Essex 30 have now closed.

  • Can I join the Ford RideLondon FreeCycle on the day?

    Yes! Anyone can join anywhere along the FreeCycle route without signing up in advance – however, if you do this, you won’t be able to benefit from a free tabard, so we recommend you sign up once entries open.

  • Is there a minimum age for taking part?

    Yes, you must be 16 or older to take part in the Ford RideLondon-Essex 30-mile and 60-mile distances. If you are 16 or 17, please note you must be entered into the event by an adult aged 18 or older and you must also ride with an adult. You must be 18 or older to take part in Ford RideLondon-Essex 100.

  • Can I swap my Ford RideLondon-Essex 100 place for a Ford RideLondon-Essex 30 or 60 place?

    No, it is not possible to exchange a place in one event for a place in another event.

  • What type of bicycle can I ride in the event?

    The following bicycles are permitted across all Ford RideLondon-Essex mass participation events: standard road and hybrid bicycles; single-speed (both fixed and freewheel) bicycles – as long as they have suitable brakes; mountain bikes – although please use slick tyres to conserve energy; handcycles; e-bikes that comply with current UK/EU legal requirements for ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’; tandems – if officially entered.

  • Will there be food and drink available along the event routes?

    There are a number of stops along the routes with food and drinks. We will provide free sports drinks and bars for participants at Rider Hubs at 50 miles and 75 miles on the Ford RideLondon-Essex 100 route. There will also be an opportunity to buy hot and cold food and drinks from local vendors.

  • When does my Ford RideLondon-Essex event start?

    Participants will be notified of individual start arrival times by email three weeks before Event Day. An Event Guide will be sent to all riders in early May, which will include all the information you need to know before, during and after your event.

  • Will there be a cut-off finish time?

    All riders in the Ford RideLondon-Essex 30, 60 and 100-mile events have eight-and-a-half hours to complete their ride from the departure of the last start wave. We expect the final participants to finish at 18:00. Further information on specific timings will be within the Event Guide.

  • Can I ride with my friends?

    Due to the numbers of riders (25,000), it is not possible to choose your start arrival time in the Ford RideLondon-Essex 100. Riders in this event will be informed of their start arrival time three weeks before Ride Day. It is not possible to change the start arrival time. All participants in the Ford RideLondon-Essex 30 and 60-mile events will start together.

  • What happens if I am unable to take part? Can I defer/transfer/refund my entry?

    No, we do not offer a deferral, transfer or refund option for your entry – please see our General Conditions of Entry for more details.

  • How do I let you know if I need to update my details?

    It's important we have up-to-date details for you. You can update your details via your entry confirmation email from Let's Do This. If you cannot find this, please contact us with your full name, date of birth and updated details.

  • Do I have to wear a helmet for my event?

    Yes – for all the events, every participant must wear a helmet that complies with current UK safety standards.

  • What are the routes for the Ford RideLondon events?

    Route details for the Ford RideLondon-Essex 100, 60 and 30-mile events, as well as the Ford RideLondon Classique and FreeCycle events can be found online, under the Our Rides section.